November Snippets

SNIPPETS for November

[This is only a summary of topics in the journals this month due to other commitments.

Members are reminded that these Journals are available for reading and borrowing in the

Society’s Rooms.]


History. Magazine of R A H S  September 2017.

The Capture of the Clarkes.

Local Explorers’ Modern Day Discovery

Governor Phillip’s First Landing Side, Campsite and contact with Local Aborigines in Pittwater.5th March 1888: The Case for West Head Beach

Milestone in Orange:140 years of railways

Lady Anderson, the Governor’s Wife.

Wynstay and the Turkish Bath Museum at Mt. Wilson

Dr. Herbert Blaxland, Medical Superintendent of Callan Park Hospital for the Insane.

Book Reviews…..Hidden in Plain View, The Aboriginal People of Coastal Sydney.

Theodore Thomson Flynn, Not just Errol’s Father.

James Maher and Mary Comerford of Templetuohy, Tipperary, Ireland

When the War Came, New Guinea Lisland 1942

Forger, Freemason, Freeman: Samuel Clayton

Crossing the River: punts – ferries – bridges on the Shoalhaven


SIB Folk News. Orkney Family H S.  September 2017.

Canada beckons the Matches Girls.

Jackie Brown goes to War.

John Teviotdale…A Kirkwall Vet.

HMS Hampshire.  Myths and Mysteries.

The Family of the Rev. Dr. Daniel McNeil.

Tumbledown. South House, Cava.

The Brutality of the Sutherlands drove my Munros to Sandwick

The Cloustons of Kenwood, Harray


Ances-Tree. Journal of Burwood & Dist. F H.  November 2017.

The Immigrants to Eastern Australia from Rauenthal in the Duchy of Nassau Pt.1.

The Reen Family of Bandon, Ireland; How the descendants of Peter Reen and Bessie Burke left Bandon behind to carry their inheritance to the wider world.


Murrumbidgee Ancestor Journal of Wagga Waggd F H S.  October  2017.

Childhood Memories

The Christmas Shopping Trip

Charles Sturt University Regional Archives

Uranquinty Connects to Two Prime Ministers


Kith & Kin.  Cape Banks F H S.  September 2017.

Skewes/Northey Families.

Joseph Williams  1903-1989

When the War Began

Victory in Japan Day

The Japanese Raid on Broome

From the Internet.

Ann Lydia or Just Lydia


Glamorgan F H S  September 2017.

John Jones’ Gransons

The Story of Ypres House, Gelligaer

World War One Resources

The Capture of Mametz Wood

“I Died in Hell”

Uncle William – the Short Walk to Zandvoorde

Harry Williams

Voyage to Salonika

The Thomas Brothers

Cpl Joseph Henry Morgans

My Mormon Ancestors  Pt.2

Postcard from Luxor –  Message Home

G rowing up in the Vale of Glamorgan Pt.2


Cleveland, F H S , Nth Yorks.  July 2017.

Genealogical Corner:  Researching County Durham

Genealogical Research Tip

Story Behind Closed Doors…Kirby Wiske , Nth Yorkshire.

Local Heroes: ‘Tim’ Williamson

East Cleveland Tragedy and Travesty

A Brotton Lad – Anthony Rowe

Captain Cook’s Monument

Swaledale Study

Infanticide and Illegitimacy

A Charity in Kildale

From Ellingstring to Darmoor


Tamworth Family Historian  November 2017.

Tamworth Identities….Robert Henry Quinton  1846-1926.

George Frederick Aitken  1884-1915

Our Hartley Family.

Transcriptions of a letter from M D Secretan

Extracts from Newspapers….1930, 1924, 1938

Exam results….something to lighten the day…..

  1. In which battle did Napoleon die?…His last battle.
  2. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?….at the bottom of the page.
  3. What is the main reason for divorce?….marriage.
  4. What do you never eat for breakfast? … Lunch & Dinner
  5. What looks like half an apple?….the other half
  6. How can a man go eight days without sleeping?…..No problem, he sleeps at night.