Our New Committee for 2022

At our AGm on 9th February a new committee was voted in. Some of our existing committee members are still holding their previous positions however we do have a couple of new faces to be welcomed. (Above Photo – a few missing but will get a complete picture soon!!!)

President – Gerrard Teraine – a warm welcome to Gerrard

Vice President – Ron Smith – welcome back Ron

Secretary – position is still open. Julie Gullan is acting secretary for the moment along with Christine Moss who will be helping out with emails soon.

Treasurer – Rita Newman – welcome back Rita

Librarian – Marg Magnusson – Welcome back Marg

Assistant Librarian – Christine Moss – welcome back Christine

Research Officer – Graham Ledwidge – welcome back Graham

Editor and Publicity Officer – Julie Gullan – welcome back me

Publicity Assistant – John Evans – a warm welcome to John

Welfare Officer – Cheryl Baker – welcome back Cheryl

Activities Officer – Bev Evans and assistant John Evans – a warm welcome to you both

These positions will be held until our next AGM which is being planned for August 2022 (this year)