Roma Robbins Award

This award was given to the person who wrote a story which was published in our journal, Pigeon House Tidings (PHT), in either the June or December 2022 issues. Ulladulla Librarian Cathryn Burns kindly read all the stories and judged them for our group. To read these stories go to publications and download the PHT

Cathy Burns – Librarian comment –

It was a pleasure to read each of these stories and get a small snapshot into the lives and experiences of such a range of people and places.

1st Place Memories of Bungalow Camping Ground by Christine Moss – December issue.  It was a well written piece, full of names and details which are so important to be captured before they disappear from memory.  I could picture driving over that wooden gate which vibrated the car and stepping into the world of the camping ground in the 1950s, with all its adventures and communal fun.

2nd Place: A timber worker and his life by Marg Magnusson – June issue – A wonderfully detailed recount with a strong voice. I felt a connection with this timber worker and his family and the struggles they faced, reflecting on my own heritage throughout.


3rd place:  A tragic ending by Julie Gullan – December issue – The writer has chosen a subject that appeals to our empathy and compassion. The interesting details kept this reader engaged to the end.


Congratulations to you all