The GENEALOGIST     Autumn 2023                                                                                         

Jac Ty-isha, John Hughes, Rebecca: all of them are one Welshman …..    “Great Aunt Rita had in her possession a small handmade envelope….with a return address of Ty-isha Farm, Llanelli, South Wales……ancestral home of her grandfather, John Hughes….the Rebecca Riots….1840s…” .protesting the excessive number of toll-gates being erected through-out South West Wales….quite a wonderful and intriguing story to read….jgs

Rules[Guide-lines] of Posting Genealogy Information Online……

William Rutledge’s Kilmore Special Survey….. “The town of Kilmore had its beginnings in the introduction of the controversial and short-lived special survey system… land sales were slow in Kilmore due to the depression of the early to mid-1840s. A crash in the British economy in 1839, together with a severe drought 1838-1840….”

Trawling through Trove.   “…found baptism record, marriage banns, where they lived in the Census date, a death certificate….  Some (people) simply rely on unproven trees on (various family sites)….

Shakespeare family history and genealogy…….

Melbourne Free Hospital for Children….a vintage notecard… it opened in 1870

GHOSTBUSTER  Campbelltown Dist. FHS   March 2023                                         

My unusual ancestor … John Peisley c1834-1862….charged with horse stealing as a youth and late cattle duffing, with Frank Gardiner(a butcher by trade) he met when both serving time in Cockatoo prison,….

Unusual Jobs….       Unusual people in my family tree, Natchan “Nat” Phillips, “Stiffy” from the comedy du, “Stiffy” & “Mo”….

Unusual member in my family….the Durham lad

KITH & KIM   Cape Banks F H S     March 2023

George Bourne: A Railway Tragedy   “The Bourne family arrived in Australia from Kent, England in 1853….George was a fireman in the NSW Railways and was killed in a shocking accident in 1878.

How did the Turner Family cope?   John and Ann Turner(nee Smith)…were born about 1817/1818….John did in a horse accident……Ann died in childbirth after having 3 children…..What happened to the their children?….James ‘accidentally drowned’ in the swollen Gounyan Creek in 1870…..Catherine married a publican and had thirteen children!….Osmond attempted to stab and shoot [someone]….and …..

Devonshire Street Cemetery…..   “Sydney’s first official cemetery is where Sydney Town Hall now stands. Dating back to the 1790s, the site is commonlyu called the Old Sydney Burial Ground.

Manslaughter or Misadventure….Boxing Day Ballooning….1843  James and Isabell Harden….

TRACES          Edition 22  2023                                              

Observatory House, Adelaide…. “…was constructed in 1906 for Otto Boettger, who was known for making scientific instruments and tools….Boettger emigrated to South Australia in 1877….Boettger’s original shop was next to the site of Observatory House…purchased in about 1879

Everywhen: a new way of thinking about history.    “ ‘Everywhen’ is the Indigenous notion of time in which the past, the present and the future exist as one. Understanding the concept of everywhen can help all historians to think differently about the past, and expand their historical practice into deep history.

Waverley Cemetery….  “In Australia, attitudes towards cemeteries and burials are drastically different today than they were in the early years following colonisation…..Graveyards were considered ‘taboo’…

Fitzroy’s Hand of Glory.    “On 25 January 1875, Melbourne’s newspapers wee abuzz with the grisly discovery in the slums of Fitzroy North….an elderly woman, Margaret Connor, passed away in a state of extreme poverty and squalor……a search of her home revealed more than 500pounds concealed in the walls of her property……

Master mariner: Captain Jean Benaud.       “born in 1818, he arrived in Sydney in 1840….  Benaud married twice….in 1857 Benaud took command of the schooner William owned by Port Macquarie resident….the Sydney Morning Herald reported in 1846 on Cpt. Benaud’s explorations of the Hastings River….

So Long, Letty’…In 1917, an Australian troopship sank without a single soul lost…..

Jobs of the Streets.    The street of early offered something for every taste ~ cold drinks and ice cream in summer, saveloys in winter, and popcorn and biscuits outside the city’s gardens. A curious public, however, was offered plenty of more unusual ways in which to part with their coins…   Convict orphans hiding in family trees.   Between 1828 and 1879, 6000children were confined within the Queen’s Orphan Schools on the edge of Hobart Town. Today, their descendants are spread throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Using case files for your research…..

Percy Cowan. Light in the dark hours….

Hunter Valley ancestors….. many ancestors came from Britain and made their home in the Hunter Valley,   where their lives move in surprising directions….

Edina – a hidden gem….. “within walking distance of Bondi Junction is one of the few late Victorian mansion left in Sydney…..