THE FIRST FLEET FAMILIES  booklet by James Donohoe.

James is a direct descendent of the first fleeters.  His work is the culmination of help from a number of archivists and state institutions.

The family names are in alphabetical order….husband, wife and children are listed along with family relatives. The ship travelled is indicated, and in many cases ages and occupations also stated.  This is a very comprehensive publication and is a fitting companion to the colourful wall-chart of the First Fleet that will hang in the Society’s room.

A useful picture book, written and illustrated by John Nicholson, also help to bring the voyage into prospective.


Inside History    Summer 2017.

            Between the gravestones.  Explore 101 Sydney cemeteries with historian Lisa Murray.

Cemeteries offer huge scope for learning more about our ancestors….the challenges, the resources available are all outlined in a new book “A Field Guide “

Back to the Books.  ….perhaps you have resolved to study history? Finding the right course….article contains 35 history and genealogy course, webinars, pod casts and more….some are free other have minimal charges.

Becoming Local.  Some convicts preferred to escape the harshness of the colony and try their luck living with indigenous tribes.  Two convicts James Davis and David Bracefell did just that !!  extract from Living with the Locals.

Sanctuary in the City.   Crown Street Women’s Hospital, closed in March 1983, was a shining beacon in times of need….for 90 years it cared for women of the local area, migrant patients, aboriginal Australians, as well a drug and alcohol services for women.

The frail small ship.  Geoffrey Blainey traces the road to Federation and the opening of Australia’s first parliament in May 2901.

Yours sincerely, a superstitious digger.  A curious find at the Queensland Museum led to the uncovering of a medal with an unusual history.  Anonymous donation to the QM in August 1927 was an unusual cruciform-shaped medal inscribed on one side with the year 1849.

As usual the periodical is crammed with lots of interesting articles and stories.


Cleveland FHS    January 2017.

            Local Heroes….Frank Wild (1873-1939) polar explorer.

Story Behind the Stone….The legend of Henry Jenkins.

Genealogical Corner: Manorial Records.

Genealogical Research Tips.

A Favourite Website. “The Historical Gazetteer of England’s Place-Names”.

Executions – The Notoriety of the Hanged……read this one !!!…strange and gory


Cleveland Family History Society. Publication List.  January to December 2017.

Contains a full list of their compact disc and paper publication sales.


Queensland Family Historian….February 2017.

            WW1 Casualty Records revealed.

U.S.A. Search Sites.

Acquisitions to the CD and Print Library.

Memories – Nambour Rural School