The GENEALOGIST    Summer 2022

The Pioneer life of Mildred Harrison – Love and Tragedy….. “in 1803 the sailing vessel Calcutta left London….in 1803 Mildred Rose Harrison stole 2 aprons, a child’s frock and petticoat” ….. !!!

Directors of Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens…..John Arthur; Ferdinand von Mueller; Guilfoyle; John Cronin; William Laidlaw….the article includes photographs and the original plan of the gardens.

Ship’s diary: Onboard the MELANOPE October 1881 to January 1882….. “diary written by Catherine Gratton (nee Farrington) when she travelled on the ship”….

Lee Berry gives ideas for Working on Brick Walls….

A ship wreck ‘ranked as one of the worst in Australia’s maritime history’. The ship was the Admella. The year was 1859……off the southernmost part of South Australia…

DESCENT    Summer 2022       

Sisters become Sisters….. “Sisters Bridget and Margaret Rausch’s lives were changed forever when their Irish mother died in 1880…. The Brigidine Order of Nuns established in Victoria

The Bushrangers’ Priest…. “Denis McGuinn arrived in Adelaide in 1847…during the 1860s the goldfield of Lambing Flats, Bathurst and Forbes proved an enticing hunting ground,….and the perfect hideout for outlaws, including the notorious Frank Gardiner and Ben Hall…..

Mr Goudie & The Presbyterian Cows…. “ In the 1950s, Rev. James Goudie was minister of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Gunnedah… raise funds farmers interested in helping the church began buying a few heifers…. !!

A Methodist Minister’s Life on Circuit…. “a few years into his ministry at West Wyalong Reverend Barker had a close brush with death…..”

Amelia, a Life of travel, adventure, sorrow and family escapades….. “Outside the Fort Street Barracks, a young woman lifts her skirt to her knees to adjust the lacing on her long knee boots; coincidentally a young soldier happens to be passing….

TRACES    Edition 21

The Harbour Rocks Hotel…. “in the early 19th century, Sydney was becoming more than just a dumping ground for convicts……as European settlement began to urbanise Sydney…. Sydney’s very first hospital was located in The Rocks…. great pictures

Death of a mailman…. “On 16 August 1862, mailman Daniel Crotty left Murringo for his usual run to Boorowa, NSW. Crotty rode his own horse and led another horse carrying two mailbags. Sadly, he didn’t get very far on his short journey……

The McDonagh Sisters….  “In 1924, three orphaned sisters inherited 8000pounds… the sisters were not girlish or little….as teenagers growing up in Sydney…. lived through WW1 and the post-war flu epidemic…. they became obsessed with film making….

Gluckauf: Emigration desirable! …. “More than 1000 government-sponsored people from Germany’s Harz region emigrated to South Australia….

How do the Djaara bury? “When it comes to the funeral traditions, burial ceremonies and death rites of the Djaara, we know very little…. The work of Cartboni, Daniel Matthews….photo of tree cavities provided burial places for the Djaara

A Ship of Death …..A plaque on the grave of Dr George Mitchell in Dunwich, Stradbroke Island reads “around this stone are interred the mortal remains of 26 immigrants who, seeking in this land an earthly home, have found elsewhere, we trust, a better country”   Dr. Mitchell was the surgeon-superintendent on the typhus-stricken 1850 voyage of the ship Emigrant       photos of the graves at Dunwich

The Railwaymen….   Lost Jobs….. “the first railway line in Melbourne was built in the 1850…..rail industry booms….by the late 19th century, Victorian Railways was one of the largest businesses in the Australian colonies….”

Small things with great Love……. “Nobody questioned Rachel Kennedy’s skill in the saddle…..Born in 1845 in the wild and remote Warrumbungle mountains of western NSW, she was an extraordinary woman of stark personal contrasts who became a colonial folk hero.

Shining a light on a Sydney teacher……” a builder found a box of old books under the verandah of a building he was demolishing in The Rocks….

Birth of the Australian Accent…. “In 1844, Meredith noted in her book Notes and Sketches of New South Wales, she found the residents of the colony to ‘snuffle dreadfully’. …that the snuffling sound of speaking through one’s nose was reminiscent of the ‘nasal twang’ of Americans……


The SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GENEALOGIST    November 2022                                             

Henry’s Story…… “Richard Goldsworthy, who was third captain of the Burra Mine from 18487 to 1865 and James Goldsworthy were brothers…. Great st

ory and photos

Early South Australian ‘Marriage’ Arrangements….. “Although, with a few exceptions, marriage was a prerequisite for free passage on the Coromandel there seems to be no check on the existence of a marriage other than the couple declaring they were married”  !!!  Richard Wilkay and his unnamed ‘wife’ …were one of those unmarried couples…. Further mentioned are other couples James Lewis and Harriet, Timothy Winters and Elizabeth Drewett (nee Roberts), John Clay and Mary…. several more and photos   jgs