The Tamworth Family Historian – July 2019

Extract from Tamworth dentition…. Marmaduke Carmichael 1840-1920
Extract from W History of Werris Creek and District…..Urban and Rural Development 1877-1900
Extract from “Carrabobbila”…..the Churches Urrabubula Uniting Church
Extract from Chronological History of Tamworth.,..’Death of William Evans
Extracts from Northern Daily Leader, Tamworth News
Extracts from Treasured Memories and Gold Pioneers…..A Pioneering History of Bowling Alley Point,

Hanging Rock and Nundle Cemeteries, Brian Cecil Brunzen Matthews 194-1993
An extract from “A Dictionary of British History….’Adam Brothers
Extract from “A History of their enterprises and….Who was Who in Tamworth business in 1988
ANCES-TREE Buarwood & District FH. June
lrish Cemetery Records – Headstones . Websites for Irish Cemeteries
The Grave of John Johnson, Waverley Cemetery
Headstone information – Byrne Family
The Headstone that keeps on Giving
Matching Headstones – Condobolin Cemetery
Dead Central …. at the State Library….an exhibitions till 17th November…the story of Devonshire  cemetery 1829-1901 also know an Sandhills Cemetery which was situated where Central station Sydney is now HISTORY. Royal Australian Historical Society June 2019
The Lure of the Silken Thread….developments in the 1890s…the silkworm farm, Tumbulgum NSW
Are you being Served? McDowells Department Store, Caringbah, 196-1972.-.interesting article
with photos.
Byron,s Doom….ln Sydney’s Devonshire Street Cemetery there once stood a headstone to Samuel
lntlmate strangers: memories of domestic service in the twentieth century Australian home Calala Cottage Musuem – an 1870s residence now the home of Tamworth Historical Society.
The Seven year ltch….an interest in the law and marriage practices in early colonial NSW.
Links’n’ Chains. Liverpool Genealogy Society June 2019
The way it was. Centenary of St Lukes, Liverpool
My Tenacious Grandfather. ….born 1887, Charles chidgey had only a basic primary education….
Wouldn’t you like to find a niche like this?
The Life and Trials of Convict David Everson
Descent. Austratian Genealogists Society Journal June 2019
Genealogy in a Book
Three Tips for BMS
DNA Research Group….The Grandfather Quest…
DESCENT. Australian Genealogists Society Journal June 2019

Descent (cont.) Highlights from the Manuscript and Image Collection Book Notes…..John Oxley: A New Perspective A country to be reckoned with: The true story of Australia’s pioneer stock agent
TRACES Uncovering Australia’s Past. Edition 7 School kids discover stolen generations history. What’s new on line –

Brown’s Mart, Darwin The Batchelelder Studio: Gold rush society photographers

Murujuga’s bid for World Heritage listing The Fiji: a firsthand shipwreck account We are what we eat: Colonial cuisine The Dark Side of the Moon. Part 2 Pilinger, Tasmania The Paisley Emigration Society

Compiling Torres Strait Islander genealogies Discovering the history of your home ‘In it’ for the boys’: the land army of WWII Finding the notorious Ann Greg Constable Crowe’s Slang Dictionary

Australia’s sweetheart, Mary Maguire A Passion for colonial bricks
The ENDEAVOUR . Botany Bay F H S. June 2019 Irish Hedge Schools

education in secret by Irish teachers

Mary Ann Moore-Bentley (1865-1953) Australian Writer and Parliamentary Pioneer “Until Divorce do us Par”, or the tale of Two Divorces Helensburg and the 1919 Flu Epidemic La Dame aux Jacarandas – Irene Thomasina Haxton (1905-2002) The Holways and the Jane Friday Saga

TIMESPAN. Nepean F H S June 2019 Penrith District World War 1 Nurses My Headmaster, Richard T W Jane Results from Genioz Study A Family Affair – Hale vs Hale 1897 Theodore Donald Ross – Kitty Christine Elliott Vincent Matrimonial Tangles: Watkins v Watkins Dr. Mordaunt Dundas Nepean Times
MURRUMBIDGEE ANCESTOR. Wagga Wagga & District F H S June 2019 Society Happenings

Notes from Wagga Wagga


Were they Framed – A Family Tree Surprise – Convicts in the Family – My First Fleet Ancestors


John Basson Humffray: a Welshman at Ballarat’s Eureka Stockade

Lance Sergeant Thomas Richard Henderson
Gwyneth Miller, a widow’s tale

The Diaries of Henry Fothergill Two Tragic Deaths in Pant-y-Gog A Ruling Passion


The Women in Arthur Philips’s Life Macquarie and the Towns

Histories of the Chinese in Regional NSW 1860-1950 Introduction of Barbed Wire to Lineside Fences of the NSW Railways

At the Last Resort – the Bells Line of Road during the threat of invasion 1939-1942 Book Reviews – a considerable list including.. ”Nurses of Australia” “The Sydney Wars”

New History of Irish in Australia
The South Australian Genealogist. May 2019 Mules, Muleteers & The Malacca

To Make Country married life on its Practical Side

An Explorer in the Family

Finding Jonas: Uncovering a Family Enigma

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills

Wreck of the Amoor

Coromandel Pioneers: James & Caroline Black.

Digitised Records at the State Records of SA.
THE GENEALOGIST. June 2019 My Inimitable Grandfather in Law

Immigrants of the David Clarke arrived 27 October 1839 Bendigo Diggings

Windsor House, Walhalla

Prahran Mechanics Institute

Mission to Seafarers Victoria: ‘caring for seafarers in Victorian ports since 1857

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