Snippets for May-June 2019



From St Petersburg to Port Jackson – Russian Travellers’ Tales of Australia 1807-1912 by Windle, Govor, and Massov

The first Russian vessel to visit Port Jackson was the Neva, commanded by Captain Leonty Hagemeister, in 1807. From that point on, at irregular intervals throughout the century, other Russian ships called at Hobert, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and their officers recorded their impressions of colonial Australia, the convict system, the indigenous peoples, the life of the settlers and the wild life of the continent.

Despite great differences resulting from geography, climate and cultural history, Russia and Australia have much in common.  An adventurous, pioneering spirit played a defining role in the development of both nations.


Mutton Fish – the surviving culture of Aboriginal people and abalone on the south coast of New South Wales by Cruse, Stewart and Norman

This is the story of the Aboriginal people of the south coast of NSW. Mutton fish, or abalone, is the subsistence food – easy to find and harvest, extremely rich in energy, and accessible for as long as the beaches are freely open to all.  The book provides an insight into the lives of the native people and how they cared and looked after this area for centuries before white man.


Articles from New Journals received……

Cleveland FHS – April 2019

North Yorkshire and South Durham FHS Branch News and society information.

Books of interest: “The Cropton Lane Farm Murders”;  “Hoddlesden and its Satellite Villages”;

“Tom Fleck: A novel of Cleveland and Flodden”

Genealogical Corner.  “Let’s Start at the Very Beginning….” revising key details etc in family research techniques.

Local Heroes….Jeremiah Dixon 1733-1779…..interested in astronomy and mathematics during his education…..son of a Northumbrian coal mine owner. Jerry linked up with Charlie Mason and studied the transit of Venus……

Two Kendrew Families in Cold Kirby.   Thomas Kendrew and his older brother George….what did they do??

Here I stand.  …examining the extended Rigg family tree in North Yorkshire….discoveries abound!


ANCESTOR Genealogical Society of Victoria   June 2019

Just a Lump of Mental….a memento of a terrible event in the history of Victoria -the great bushfires of 1939,

The Troubled Life of Robert Gowdie: Minor and Pigeon Shooter….immigrated to Australia in 1858 Robert was born in the Shetland Islands…..great story of an early settler, marriage and family tragedies…

The Mystery Woman.  Two photographs of the Robbins family and a “mystery woman”…

DNA Case Study:  Searching for Matilda….Matilda Sarah Ann Read was baptised in 1828 in Woodbridge, Suffolk… interesting article for those keen on DNA research.

A Guide to Researching Victorian Records – Part 1.


THE ARGYLE BULLETIN Goulburn Dist. H & G Society.  May 2019

Identities…..W J Cartwright…and Old Goulburn resident…..Joseph Wade….

Collector’s History….Bushranging Days

Adam Singer…A great Goulburn Citizen

Links with the Past….Bandsmen in Bowlers.


DESCENT. Journal of Society of Australian Genealogists   March 2019

Archival Anecdotes at State Archives & Records…an exhibition until 16 June.

DNA Research Group….Finding ancestors with your DNA….

The Waples Roadblock…..George Waples, Charles Waples, John Waples …..many births and possibilities…an interesting article..

Operation Pied Piper – ‘A life-changing experience’….evacuation of Britain’s cities at the start of WW2 was the biggest and most concentrated mass movement of people in Britain’s history….


KITH & KIN. Cape Banks F H S.   June 2019

Mary Brennan & the Eugowra Gold Escort Coach…bushrangers led by Frank Gardiner and the nurse girl in 1862

Orange Cemetery….names and headstones

Spotlight….Researching Woman in March, Government Gazette in April, Magazines and Journals in May.

Speakers of the Month…Ingrid Grace ‘Lightning Lyall or Jan the Mermaid’   and Dr Peter Hobbins ‘Crashing into history: aircraft accidents and Sydney’s past.



Museum News…The terrors of Washing Day/Blinds/ and the current exhibition.

The Fiesta/Orion/Liberty Theatre, Moruya….lots of memories and pictures here.

The story of Sylvie’s Chair….a story related by the grandson…

From the Archives….Nerrigundah Presbyterian Church Sabbath School Roll Books.

Landholders Moruya Post Town 1885….!!!!

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