Snippets – July – August 2021

Again Members, I apologise for the delay in completing the glance into a month or two of journals.  My right hand continues to be a real nuisance when typing because the index finger still does not work independently.  Letters such as ‘m & n’, ‘j & h’ run together causing much delay imn speed!!! However, I hope you are all coping with restrictions at present, and urging all “to get the JAB”


Fremantle Markets…. Built in 1997, Freemantle Markets has a rich history that has helped to make it one of the most-visited places in Western Australia…. the Caretaker’s Cottage still stands in the corner of the market…. the markets operated as a wholesale produce market until the 1950s, after which it was used as a distribution centre until 1970………reopening 1975 refurbished.

The Friendly Games…stories of love, war and unity during the 1956 Melbourne Olympics…. Cold War tensions…the Suez Crisis, invasion of Hungary by Soviet Union, hostility between China and Taiwan…. an interesting article here for those who remember!!

How a biography brought me to family history…. following the life of an Aboriginal man forced me to learn an incredible amount of colonial Australian history……

Re-reading the signs of our times….by revisiting the work of Australia’s sign-writers, not only do we gain insight into the ‘invisible’ workers responsible for some of the most visible aspects of our cities, but we also develop a unique perspective of Australian history.

The life, love and art of WILLIAM T COOPER…. Bill Cooper was a prolific artist throughout his life, most notably as a painter of birds, but also of mammals, landscapes, seascapes and plants.

The wreck of the PREUSSEN….  “Shipwrecks are always about loss – loss of ship, loss of life, loss of reputation, and loss of trust. All of these elements apply to the Australian visit of the German steamship SS Preussen in 1886-87. The vessel may not have sunk on that voyage, but it left a trail of wreckage that carried over into the subsequent century.”

Before the Armistice…Vera Deakin’s search for the missing…. “Daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Alfred Deakin, became the inaugural secretary of the Australian Red Cross Society’s (ARCS’s) Wounded and Missing Enquiry Bureau in 1015, first in Cairo and later in London.

The real Michael Howe…. For more than 200 years, the story of bushranger Michael Howe has been greatly distorted, with the facts buried beneath murky layers of falsehood and political disinformation.  Since colonisation, Australia has been home to many bushrangers and convict bolters, with most experiencing a twisting of their story by newspapers and writers of the time….

ARGYLE BULLETIN Goulburn Dist. H & G Soc. May 2021

Identities.   Sudden death Ald. L. Holloway

Old Times…History Recalled…. Captain Hovell’s Grave, in good order at Nth. Goulburn…     Messrs. Cripps and Holloway’s Restaurant….

From the past, Old Tombstone at North Goulburn….  John Fuller, old tombstone, early murder recorded… quite an account given here making interesting reading!!!  “Consider Reader when you look, how sudden this Soul was took, And see that thou prepared be, Least Death should come so quick on thee.”  Great article with the tombstone in St. Saviour’s cemetery that hints at a grim tale….


Macaria: Modernising Heritage in the Twenty-First Century…. “Breathing new life into historic buildings…. Macaria in Camden, NSW is one such example…. like many historic buildings in country towns, it has a heritage story of its own…. architecturally speaking it is unique to the Gothic-Tudor design that saw a rise in popularity for the genteel society of the Victorian era…… wonderful photographs and story

The Bells of Sydney’s St James’ Church Ring out…. “Sydney’s St James’ Church on Macquarie Street is part of an English tradition of bells and bellringing dating back centuries…. a project committee was formed in Sept. 1999…. the bells were consecrated and bless in May 2003…. the eight peal of bells were given names…. Good story and photos

Going to London: Family History Inspired Travel in the 20th century

Memories of a Red Cross Handcraft Teacher during the Vietnam War from Settlement to City: Celebrating 200 Years

…. The City of Campbelltown celebrated 200 years since Governor Macquarie name the settlement after his wife, Elizabeth’s maiden name of Campbell…

THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GENEALOGIST May 2021                                                

Secret Men’s Business…. finding out Gatenby Robert BOLTON…and Teilem, Bend Lodge

Peterborough Printing Works…… Peterborough in the mid North of South Australia is on Ngadjuri land and was settled by Europeans I 1875.

The Family Tree of the Great Slovak Writer Pavol HRTUS JURINA…. Pavol is a representative of the great Slovak inter-war literati, later to be in exile. During the Second World War he was a writer, publicist, translator and editor with the Saint Adalbert Association in Trnava, an important Slovak cultural institution.

The Use and Misuse of Passenger Lists…this article is based on the research undertaken in preparation for the book Coromandelians; South Australian Pioneers of the Coromandel.                                                               

Taxed Carts and Brick Makers: A Todd Family Lineage….

Old Forms of Handwriting… a significant number of parish registers date back well into the seventeenth century……It is the letters and their combinations and abbreviations in old handwriting, together with distortions caused by individual’s style that are a source of difficulty to the beginner.

The Coming of the Sparrow…. Readers may be interested to know that sparrows were first brought to South Australia by Captain Harris aboard the ship Orient which arrived 30th July 1863…..

The Song of Australia……. the result of a competition for the best words to a patriotic song….


Genealogical Research Corner – Databases….” a genealogist’s best friend”

Local Heroes…. Keeping it in the Family…. Funny man James Casey and James Casey jnr.

Unusual and Interesting Parish Register Entries……three pages of surprising records including I 1775 an excise man who laid violent hands on himself…. another in 1751 who was killed playing football on the Sabbath some rather humorous stuff here….!!

Different Experiences…. a story based on three men connected only by research among family photographs.

Oh! Those Family Stories…. Tales of heroism, tales of misdemeanours or even dark deeds, tales of illustrious ancestors and tales of hardship or tragedy…. some may be embellished as they are recounted through generations, although often a grain of truth will lie at the core of the story…

Happy Reading Everyone!!!