Snippets – June 2022

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Kith & Kim, Cape Banks F H S  June 2022

Mother By Many Names….. Born in a tin mining community of Howell, NSW Northern Tablelands, Stella Howell was born in 1902,,,,a super cook and a mother of seven children…. “the smell of bread baking, homemade butter, jams and preservatives, and sewing children’s clothes on a treadle Singer Sewing Machine…

The Gavin(Canada) and Stukeley(Australia) Connection….a family history including the report on the Funeral of the Rev. J H Gavin

The Dunny out the Back…….a wonderful, humorous poem,,, worth a read !!!


Murrumbidgee Ancestor  Wagga Wagga & Dist. F HS   June 2022

Wagga Wagga Notes……

Some Pointers on B SIC Genealogy Research….  useful and handy reminder article

Mourning Card – No.2…. a further interesting article from previous month with illustration

The Zebra Crossing…. A story of the Schirmer family who landed in Adelaide on the ship Zebra, not a zebra!!… they were allocated blocks of land in the Adelaide hills….

Links ‘N’ Chains    Liverpool Genealogy Soc.  June 2022

The Way it Was….Historical Sketches of Liverpool.

Floods in Liverpool  1960

Murder in Darlinghurst….a Bondi Café owner Kate Jean Clarkson was called as a witness for the death of her daughter…..

Cupid Sowed and Death Reaped…The Man who came up from the Sea to Darlinghurst…City Coroner hears tragic story of a Woman’s Fate…

Life of a Shipwright…. Henry(Harry) Joseph Wetherell…Harry came froma fine family….from a family of seafarers…Harry longed to continue the family maritime connection…

Beginner’s Corner….Researching family in Ireland….. The Records -Church and Civil; Census Records – Land and Property records; Estate papers; Maps and further information for Irish Research

The South Australian Genealogist      May 2022

The Abiding Love Story of Herbert and Nellie Harris…..The Wilson and Harris family of South Australia.. a wonderful story with illustrations….

In Defence of Genealogy…. Taking an interest in genealogy when

you have more leisure in the later years and at a time in life when you are also confronted with your own mortality makes sense, but it is not enough to explain the way in which it becomes, at times, almost an obsession……

Interesting Finds and How they were Achieved….

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II; memories of a Teenager who played a minor role…

Book Review:  Chris Paton, Sharing your Family Histo

ry online: a guide for Family Historians…..subjects of privacy, data protection, terms and conditions and digital legacy are discussed… to share your information and photos

TRACES   Edition 18, 2022                                                                        

Argyle Cut Sydney….. then and now

The Riddle of Freemans Reach

Searching for a Mystery Man…. A jumble sale at Kiama and a box of old photographs

A History of Food in Australia……food production, distribution, and consumption are influenced by geography….. Foodways and Resource management practices of Indigenous Australians……the Early Colonial Years…Developing a multicultural table….

The Captain was Drunk. Navigating Wrecks and Reputations……stranded on Towradgi Beach, north of Wollongong…..

The Story of the Kelly Gang.   Australia holds an important place in the global history of film-making…..Australia is also the birthplace of the world’s first multi-reel, feature-length film – the bushranging epic The Story of the Kelly Gang                                                                  

A Woman’s Understanding.  Australian Female Undertakers. …… In 1987, the founder of White Lady Funerals, South Australian Vanessa Hume introduced the notion that a woman’s understanding gave added value to the funeral space…

Civilising Brisbane….. mmmmmmm !!

The Price of Honour.   “In the years immediately following the 1918 Armistice, a grateful Commonwealth distributed almost 2000 captured guns and mortars to towns and cities

A Token of Love.  Convict love tokens provide a glimpse into the heartache of convicts and their families, and allow historians to gain uniquely personal insight into the lives of those sentenced to transportation to the colony.

Happy Reading Everyone….jg