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“This the guide we have all been waiting for!  Land records are some of the most complex in the State Archives Collection with many researchers finding them baffling and difficult to use.  This guide demystifies those records…”

“An easy to read introduction and overview of land legislation and administration in NSW leads into chapter for each type of land holding or tenure.”

“Colour illustrations are included to demonstrate how and where to find references or numbers on maps or in registers and records which are required for research purposes.”

“A wonderfully useful inclusion in the guide is a recording sheet for researchers to use.”

The work consists of 238 pages……a great addition

to our resource material jgs

Cleveland FHS January 2020 – 

Local Hero; James Fletcher Corbett. Composer, Choir Master, Organist and Concert Organiser….. James was proprietor and coal agent of Ombersely, Worchestershire…who had a son Felix born in 1862…..the story of the family and their son

The Story behind the Fence……..A village in Ingleby Arncliffe houses an extensive and elegant Georgian inn.

Born, married and lived elsewhere……..a list of families who did just that !

Dr. Abstinence on Trial  …….a fascinating story

Croft’s Sulphur Water or Who needs the NHS?   ….the baths at Croft

School for Boys….a preparatory school for young gentlemen.

The Darlington Spitfire….. “With the beginning of the Battle of Britain, Spitfire Funds were set up in ever-increasing numbers and the people of Darlington began to call for their own to be formed”


LINKS ‘N’ CHAINS. Liverpool Genealogy Society. February 2020

The Way it Was.  Historical sketches of Liverpool…..random recollections by the late J E Richter…..inns, flour mills, graves.

Bonney Goes to War……George E Bonney was born in suburban Adelaide and was in his 39 year when he enlisted in the 1st A I F

Descendant of the King and Queen of Poland…..”in 1819 Judah Solomon(born 1778) and his brother Joseph were sentenced in England to be hanged for hiring burglars to repossess unpaid goods.  The prosecutor was Judah’s wife’s ex-father-in-law!!

Liverpool Soldiers… extensive list

Beginner’s Corner…..Four Free Tree Programs….Legacy, Family Tree Builder, Roots Magic….. the article mentions what is available from these programs  jgs

John Powderly Simpson – A Liverpool Soldier

Computer Tips….


SIB FOLK NEWS.  Orkney F H S    Winter 2019

Savage Teacher.  Despite a savage teacher Pa did well at school….

Travels with the Linklater and the Fea Families……

Stewart Borwick Fleet/Reith…..a life through records


Hill End & Tambaroora Gather Group.  February 2020

Hill End Public School 150th Celebrations…. class of 1915

Family Stories…..Butz/ Becker/ Fischer families…Dr. Fischer’s Cherry Wine !!

It really gets your goat!….school reports  1902,1904,1918. 1919

A well-deserved memorial for Sapper Herbert Ross

Looking forward, Looking Back:  The Lynch Family

The Reward Mine, Hill End.

Life was difficult way back when…or was it?….the early days of the Goldfields

Pillars of Bathurst Nominations: Harry Hodge & Brian Hodge……two books on the goldfield days reviewed.

Gulgong Holtermann Museum….opening in 2019 by patron Thomas Keneally…


The Argyle Bulletin.  Goulburn Dist. H & G Soc.    February 2020

Goulburn’s Homesteads… “Strathaird, Chatsbury, Lockyersleigh, Inveralochy, Richlands, and Norwood….

Charles Ledger and the Alpaca Adventure.  ….”one of the forgotten heroes of history is Charles Ledger, the man who saved millions of lives by introducing the anti-malarial drug Quinine to the western world…


Murrumbidgee Ancestor. Wagga Wagga & Dist. F H S

Hairdresser – Morley, Forest Gate, Blanyney, Orange…..story of Harry Smith, hairdresser journeyman who was born in the industrial town Morley, Yorkshire England.  His arrival in Australia….and subsequent life….!!

A Response to “Convict – Peter Perkins”

Grandma’s House….great illustrations of appliances brought back memories of Grandma’s day….the black kettle, the fountain with a long spout and tap for endless supply of hot water, wash day implements etc.

A Conundrum….why did four families of Barbara Cole settle in Wagga Wagga?

I remember when……story of a lad who worked in the bank and was transferred to Temora from Albury…..


Glamorgan Family History Society.  March 2020

Robert Thomas – Cardiff City Rugby (1889-1890)……Robert was captain of the first XV at Brecon College around 1883….became a trainee solicitor in Cardiff….died of heart failure in 1921 aged 56.

The Great Welsh Run…..a huge sporting event in the Welsh calendar….

Arthur Linton of Aberaman…from a mining village….a road racer

Other articles are…….A Game of Throwns [a short treatise on Cnapan]…Local Sport during the Depression…..The Man who outran a horse, a greyhound and a cyclist……Army Boxing….JC REA 91868-1944) – Discovering our Family’s Welch football hero……150th Anniversary of the Avondale Mining Disaster, Plymouth, Pennsylvania, September 6th 1869……Welsh Iron Workers in France….

Welsh Emigrants buried in Utah Cemeteries: Help to find needles in haystacks.

Chipping Away at a Brick Wall… of Eustis/Grundy and Gordon.

WW1 POW Postcard finally makes it home 103 years after being sent!

Book Reviews…..Tareni Colliery: the mine, the miners and their Communities

The Legitimacy of Bastards.


Kith & Kin. Cape Banks F H S March 2020

Why was Thomas Edward left out of his Father’s Will?….could it be that his father was concerned his son moved from Port Arthur, to other parts of Gippsland, New Zealand and Fiji ?    !!!!!

35 Years of the Cape Banks Family History Society Inc.  …..the society’s connection with Joseph Banks…

Postcard from Colombo and “’SS Berrima’…..a story about photographs hidden away in small boxes for years.

The Migration Story of a Maltese Family from Egypt….from Alexandria to Matraville.

 Members….remember all these publications are available for reading and/or borrowing from our Society’s Resource Centre……..