Snippets – May 2022


DESCENT SAGS   Summer 2021                                                                                            

Unmasked…. Discovering the identity of an Archibald Prize Subject…. “The annual competition is held by the Art Gallery of NSW for artists resident in Australia and New Zealand……. portraits in the Archie 100 …including subjects as artists, politicians, actors, novelists, nurses, soldiers and others…. the identity of a woman in the painting “Portrait in Grey” [Miss M Roberts] in the collection of Sydney University……

Isabella Whitney [1845-1941] pioneer businesswoman and pastoralist…. born near Muswellbrook and daughter of English born farmer….in 1907 Isabella found the Whitney Pastoral Company Ltd…. photographs of prize winning bull etc.

A Thorn in the Garland’s Side…. “Without a deep dive into my DNA matches, I would never have discovered my newly found Melbourne cousin and the identity of maternal grandfather…. James Garland….

Stories from the SAG Archives                                                                                                           

The Scottish Clearances…A History of the Dispossessed…why did the Lowlanders abandon the Scottish homeland and emigrate? pastoralism…. during the 17th century prosperity of sheep farming grew…. Agricultural Improvement…. dispossession…social dislocation…. populations mobility….

Whisky and Elections…. with corruption and pork-barrelling dominating the political news …. great-grandfather, Thomas Waters, found himself in the middle of a scandal during the 1885 NSW colonial elections

The GENEALOGIST AIGS Summer 2021                                                                             

The Alexander Henderson Award 2020…. author Bettina Bradbury writing Carline’s Dilemma: a Colonial Inheritance Saga                                                                                    

The Don Grant Ward 2020…. Louise Wilson’s book The Long Road to the Finish Line

Treasures on the Shelves…. books…. Doctors at Sea…. Pioneer Medicine…. Gallipoli Doctors…. From the Tropics to the Desert…. Australian Doctors on the Western Front…The Thousand Doors….

The Short-Lived Special Survey System…. “In 1840, the Colonial Land and Emigration Commission in London, made the decision to divide NSW into three separate districts….it quickly became clear that the commissioners in London had not sought the advice or wishes of the colonial government or settlers…. Sir George Gipps brought condemnation with the new land regulations….

The Singing Scotsman: it’s all there on Trove…. William Campbell…. quite a lengthy article [8 pages] with illustrations and supportive documentation shown…. jgs

TRACES Uncovering Australia’s Past Edition 17 in 1860…tragedy stuck the family just after their arrival in 1858 when James senior died in Glebe…from 1867 the James Brothers had based themselves in Wollongong and in 1869 advertised they were in Kiama…some wonderful photos and a great story of success!! Jgs

 HISTORY.   RAHS   March 2022                                                                                                           

The Way to a Man’s Heart: Cabbage Christmas Pudding and Missionary Endeavour

Bushrangers We Forgot…..bushrangers are Australian national icons… the Chinese bushranger, Sam Poo……James ‘Black’ Caesar- a First Fleet convict and a man of African descent was Australia’s first bushranger……Bold Jack Donohoe, an Irish convict, was one of the first men to escape and live in the bush and engaged in “robbery under arms”…  Worimi Aboriginal woman Mary Ann Bugg was the partner of white bushranger Captain Thunderbolt….  How did Aboriginal man Jimmy Governor fashion himself a bushranger in 1900?                                                                                                                                                                                       

Preserving Aboriginal Place Names: Establishing Parishes in County Cowley…. Some of the Parish names have been altered and apparently only with the object of abbreviation; surely this abbreviation of local aboriginal names cannot be sanctioned as it completely destroys their value                                                      

MEMBERS…………Each month our society receives magazines and journals from other family history societies.  They are full of interesting articles and stories that are not likely to be found elsewhere. They are in our room for you to read. There is so much more to compiling your family history than just recording names……it becomes really interesting and fun to discover HOW and WHE

RE your ancestors lived, and WHY!!!!

Research these days will provide you with all sorts of information.  If you need help come into out rooms and seek some advice from our staff.

Have fun and keep going  !!!