Snippets – November 2018

New Books……a number of new books are on our shelves and here is the latest about Female migration entitled: Single and Free by Elizabeth Rushen                                                                  Between 1833 and 1837, fourteen ships carried nearly 2000 single women from Britain and Ireland to the colonies of New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land.  The women migrated in response to promotional material which emphasised the shortage of women in the Australian colonies.  Life at home contrasted dramatically with the opportunities provided by the colonies and many enterprising women were encouraged to migrate.

The life experiences of these women demonstrate that they were drawn from a wide cross-section of nineteenth century society.  They contributed to the development of the colonies through their employment as domestic and agricultural workers, their enterprises as dressmakers, midwives and teachers, as wives and as mother of the rising generation. This book tells their stories.

Van Diemen’s Women by Joan Kavanagh & Dianne Snowden  On 2nd September 1845, the convict ship Tasmania left Kingstown Harbour for Van Diemen’s Land with 138 female convicts and their 35 children.  On 3 December, the arrived into Hobart Town.  While this book looks at the lives of all women aboard, it focuses on two women in particular, Eliza Davis, who was transported from Wicklow Goal for life for infanticide, having had her sentence commuted from death, and Margaret Butler, sentenced to seven years’ transportation for stealing potatoes in Carlow.

Using original records, this study reveals the reality of transportation, together with the legacy left by these women in Tasmania and beyond, and shows that perhaps, for some, this Draconian punishment was, in fact, a life-saving measure.

Murrumbidgee Ancestor. Wagga Wagga FHS   October 2018

Society Happenings….local events and account of family history month  Flag Night in Wagga 1918…commemorations for Armistice

Copyright and the Family Historian……copyright implications and permission needed ???

Another Sad Story from World War 1.  Otto Lessing Evers

My Uncle Fred “Big Fred”, Frederick George Turrell, Army Service Corps, Great European War 1914-1918……..his occupation served his country

An Old Scrap Book…..finding useful bits of information

The Tamworth Family Historian   November 2018

Extract from “Tamworth Identities…..Florence Mary Burnside(1890-1984) Florence involved herself in the Hanging Rock School, trained the choir, won prizes at Tamworth Eisteddfod and during the War became involved with the Housing Commission of NSW helping displaced persons

My DNA Story…what Val Leet found out!!

A History of Werris Creek & District extract   1933 Archie Hamilton, 1935 Cyril Cahill, 1935 J B Ware and three district properties changed hands in 1935

Reminiscences….local Elaine Harrington talks about her childhood

Chronological History of Tamworth….First Pipe Band, the initial pipers and their lives and contribution      Australian Town & Country Journal…the new Post Office in Tamworth 1886, an account

Cleveland FHS North Yorks.   October 2018  

Genealogical Corner: Education Records…..597 St. Augustine arrived in England, schools unknown….12th century growth of cathedral and college churches, Henry VIII about 400 schools…then industrial revolution etc.

Local Heroes…Gertrude M L Bell, born 14/7/1868, educated at home, then Queen’s College London…physically tough, talented in fencing and rowing and a natural mountaineer.

Story behind the Stone…the grave of Sir Arthur Dorman KBE

Links ‘N’ Chains   Liverpool G S.   October 2018 

Armistace of 1918….George Henry Childs: A Mother’s Son….a story of lost dreams

Work on the Vineyard…..Tom Haerse of Chipping Norton…picking peaches

A Brief History of Liverpool City…..1798 first land grants…to 1992 Renaming of Holsworthy Village to become Wattle Grove.

How to Use DNA Testing to Trace your Family Tree….. and what you can and can’t learn from DNA testing.

Timespan   Nepean F H S   September 2018 

Local Fallen Soldiers…..Lt. Stanley Colless/ Corp .Henry Burrows/ Edgar Russell Franks/ Clarence William Haynes/ Sapper Sydney William Bennett/ John Whincup Driver

Badgerys Creek Reinterments –Corrections….problems…clarifications…

The Secret Father of Hazel Jean Thomas…..circumstances of his death questioned…..unable to find any records….might DNA help?

Hadley Park…the historic property in Castlereagh…..Charles Hadley originally arrived in NSW in 1781 as a convict….

The Church that never was: St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Kemps Creek.

My Grandmother, Lillian Stone-Ragg’s Maternal Family in Australia….my great-grandmother, Lillian’s mother, had four grandparents that were convicts….

Guest Speaker: Stephen Ford….on accessing Land Records…

Death of Mr. T R Smith…

Pioneers of Singleton…..Alexander Bowman MP/ John McAlpine/ Thomas Henry Bower/ Sedgefield Hotel/ Anthony Schubert

Pioneers of Coonamble……James Ferguson/ Nelson John Proctor/ Michael McMahon/ Peter Rely/ David McCullough/ Me Chang and Goo Gan/  Edward Paul Nowland/ William Henry Page/ Robert Hickson/ Daniel Dominie McMahon/ Thomas John Sadler/ George Dalton Lane/ Patrick Sheridan/ James Meagher