State Archives Research Days

On Thursday 13th October 6 of our members headed to Kingswood to research at the State Archives.

We all had a successful time. Ron found information and now knows how it all works there. Cheryl also found good info and also worked out how to look up records from the early Baptism and Burial records. John was so lucky as in his packets he found a photo of one of his ancestors. This is the only picture known in the family. Julie also had success handling probates dating back to 1825. It was like being on Who Do You Think You Are, white gloves and all.

Susanna and Mark and the others enjoyed a fun dinner together with lots of laughs. We also celebrated John’s birthday with coffee and cake for some.

A few of us went back to the Archives the next morning. The staff were very helpful and nothing was a problem to them. This also made our time there enjoyable.

It would be great to do this again and maybe this could be a day outing in summer while the daylight is longer.