December Snippets


The ARGYLE BULETIN  Goulburn Dist. H & G Soc. – November 2022

Off To War…a series of articles….Goulburn’s Third Contingent….Letters Home…Harry Judd(known as Kirby) writing to Miss Daisy Wilson….Private H S Filmer writing to pupils at Redground Public School…..Peace with Victory: Goulburn’s Celebrations

Remembrance Day. The Kenmore Connections…some fify male staff members from Kenmore Hospital, Goulburn enlisted for WW1.notes and photographs

“Nothing of interest to report”: the last Goulburn man killed in action in WW1

Goulburn Boys in France…106 Battery, 22nHowitzer Brigade

Ireland Declares War on France…… sure to read this !!!jgs

GHOSTBUSTER   Campbelltown Dist. FHS – November 2022

Some Sources of Census Information

New and Updated Family Search Databases

Resources in Campbellton Library

MURRUMBIDGEE CANCESTOR  Wagga Wagga & Dist FHS – October 2022                       

Notes from Wagga Wagga

Convicts with Descendants in the Riverina Area

Introduction to Genealogy: Genealogy software

Mayor of Wagga Wagga – Excerpts from his Family History…Councillor Dallas Tout

Joy Flights, Air Races and War Service…..Flight Sergeant Leo Leslie

KITH & KIN  Cape Banks FHS – November 2022

Founders of My Patterson Clan….Samuel and Susan Patterson…..the Blayney Area  I loved my Grandmother’s Houses…stories from childhood

Mining in the Great Depression..

During the 1930s depression the diet of many families was “underground mutton”… Money Matters….William Kelly and Joseph Brennan sentenced to death in Tipperary Court 1833…

UK Digital Churchyard Mapping Project.

Zig Zag Trench   Sydney Snapshots

The TAMWORTH FAMILY HISTORIAN – November 2022                                                  

Magnus Edgar & Emily Jan Wikner

Construction: Weekly Supplement to Building – Sydney 1901-1914

New Dartbrook Bridge, Roads etc. Scone Advocate Feb.1917

Sunday Times Sydney….Weddings – Evans-Wikner, and  Eslick-Wikner

Children of Magnus Edgar Wikner and Emily Jane Hawkins

Christmas in the Holy Land…a daughter tells of her experience travelling in her father’s war time past….

Articles taken from Tamworth Observer….1894 to 1951

The GENEALOGIST – Spring 2022

Card Collecting and Family History…possibilities of illustrating your family history with cards…

The Powell Family from London to Launceston –two different worlds…. A wonderful story with family facts and facts of time  added….

In search of Samuel Roberts….son of a grocer in London….parents settled in Castlemaine…

British India Records…..British East Indian Company received a royal charter from Queen Elizabeth 1st in 1600….

Black Douglas: The Man and the Myth….. 1.Black Douglas was said to have been a powerfully built man of 13 stone, and six foot 3 inches tall…. 2.Black Douglas robbed and tied sixteen victims to a log….3.Black Douglas murdered a woman…..4.Black Douglas robbed the gold escorts near McIvor…