Important Announcements – 8th May 2024

There are 3 items that need your attention RIGHT NOW 😅😂🤣 – At our Members meeting today it was decided,
1. Due to weather conditions and what is forecast for this  Friday☔ 🌧️🌧️🌧️☔we all thought it would be wise to postpone our trip to Moruya. Bev will be in contact with them and if Friday 24th May 2024 suits Moruya then we will visit then. So pencil in the date and we will confirm with you all.
2. Our room opening – Again we have made another decision to NOT OPEN on Saturdays while the construction/alterations🏗️👷 are occurring at the civic centre. That is not the only reason – At the moment we have a few people away and/or have other commitments that need attending to –   and it means leaning 🙃 on our regular roster people to take on another day to help out. We are very sorry 😪for any inconvenience this may incur. We will let you all know as soon as we can when we can get back to Saturday openings.
3. Tuesday Cemetery Tour at Mollymook. 🪦It is still scheduled but now we will meet at 11am starting time at the cemetery. Lunch will be at Breakers, opposite at around 12noon. It may be wet underfoot so wear suitable boots🥾👟It will be a fun day🎉🥳🎉.
Read the post for this cemetery tour for additional information eg like the time we meet etc.