Joanne Frances Ewin

I met Joanne Ewin at my first Milton Ulladulla Genealogical Society meeting around 2002. I heard her talking to another member about the history of Milton – Ulladulla. I recall thinking, “How fortunate the community is to have such a knowledgeable person to be able to recall such information!”  She spoke with so much enthusiasm and passion!

Joanne published several books, preserving her research for future generations. I was thrilled when she asked for my assistance to compile a family tree chart, on a computer programme, for one of her books.  I remember her thanking me for my help and I recall feeling so honoured to be able to assist her in the preservation of her past. I felt I was able to give just a little back in return for her generosity to the society and the community.

She put her heart and soul into both the Genealogical Society and the Historical Society. So dedicated she was, that when the Genealogical Society was struggling, back in the 1990s, she paid the rent for a term to enable the continuation of the group. Decades on, her generosity paid off!

I truly hope the current members of the Milton Ulladulla Family History Society follow in Joanne’s footsteps and keep the history of their families alive with as much passion!

I am richer for being part of her life and having met such as wonderful mentor in research.

Joanne, thank you for making a difference and all you have done for posterity.

Rest in peace!

Your friend in research, Margaret Hope, Former member of MUFHSI

6 February, 2018