July 2023 Snippets The Mid-Winter Edition

LINKS ‘N’ CHAINS    Liverpool  Gen. Soc.     June 2023                                              

The Way it Was [Historical Sketches of

Liverpool]   …. “airport at Badgerys Creek will be named “Nancy-Bird Walton Airport” Western Sydney International  Airport….this hero of the Australian skies would be proud that the airport named in her honour….”

Badgerys Creek.  Relocated Remains from a Liverpool Suburb.  “…within Badgerys Creek were two churches, both with a small cemetery, the Uniting Church and St Johns Anglican Church. The two churches were demolished prior to the removal of the graves…”

A Person of Importance.   “John Hoare, Jn. was born in 1813 Inn Liverpool Sydney, the oldest son of an United Irishman sentenced to hang…”  …a 30 year old mystery solved this is an intriguing story  !!!!       

One Christmas Eve 1933

Hard to find Family

A letter from a lost World ( from out of the unexplored jungles of untamed Brazil)

Cemetery Research…Headstone and monument terminology….this is a most interesting read !!...especially the Symbols on Headstones   jgs

DESCENT  SAG  June/Winter 2023  

Huguenot Descendants in New South Wales….. “Huguenots were French Protestants who fled France because of religious persecution mostly in the years 1680-1690….” ….Augustine Soubeiran(1858-1933); Minard Crommelin(1881-1972); Henry Carter Perdriau(1817-1892); Harold Cazneaus(1878-1953)…. A list of Huguenot Descendant s provided…

A Journey into Sicilian Ancestry…  “start by obtaining as much oral history from husband’s mother…..in 2005 …she had a memory like an elephant.”  !!…Victoria Genealogical Society assisted in the Italian research process…took several years…visit to Sicily  ‘I can only emphasise the importance of talking to relatives..”

Researching fro Family in Portugal…   “Richard Pinto Frederick, a Portuguese sailor, who married in Newcastle NSW in 19102….”

Our SAG COMMUNITY….. Fellows, New Fellos, Diploma Graduates,…….Education@ SAG….DNA Corner….Archives Report….Midas Launch: Sydney Morning Herald Collection….Highlights from the Library/Family History Research in Southern  Europe

HISTORY. RAHS  June 2023

Tastes of the Nation: Food Trends in The Australian Women’s Weekly…Making Do – The 1930s and 1940s….. Glitz and Glamour/the 1950s and 1960s…….The Busy Woman/the 19770s and 1980s

The Sydney Opera House, A Fractured History in Scattered Records….. ’20 October 2023 will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of SOH……The Dennis Wolanski Library and Archival Resources….Amplifying the story…..New Brooms  and aftermaths….Looking back, looking ahead….

The Remarkable Joe Thomal…..”Joseph Francis ‘Joe’ Thomal was a boxer and Australian Bantamweight champion…..he became a well-known actor and celebrity until he died in 1952…”

Stephen Bax: Master Chef to the Sydney Social World…. “1812 sentenced to death for burglary….sentence commuted to transportation….. muster of 1821 listed as a baker…in 1835, the recent Government House supper composed of 800dishes…and received merited praise… ….for more than ten years he was the most celebrated cook in Australia

Clear Fresh Water to Common Sewer: Hobart Rivulet and Urban Streams…  “Hobart town was not the first British settlement on the Derwent River….. Industries were established along the Rivulet’s banks that drew on its water and utilised its channel for waste….”

NEW BOOKS….. reviews

Bargo: Two Hundred Years in the Making

Frederick Clissold, Esquire of Glentworth, Ashfield

125 Years: A History of the St George Sailing Club

The Ins and Outs of Liverpool’s Old Pubs

People of Ukrainian Ancestry and the Hunter Region, NSW: Post-WWII Displaced Persons Migrants

Misfortune or Fraud?  Illawarra and the 1840s Depression
























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