June 2023 Snippets

The winter solstice is taking place on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

DESCENT    MarchAutumn 2023  In Search of Ireland and Irish Research

Mary Ann Kellow (1860-1940)….born in Ireland, arrived in Australia in 1880, and had five children. Her life changed when her husband was found guilty of murdering a female Aboriginal domestic servant who lived and worked in the family home….

Stories from the Stones…..”graveyard in Newtownstewart in County Tyrone stands two imposing headstones…..the details recorded on the stones are simply the triggers for further investigation…MacFarland !!

Mary Wilson Dunbar and the Wreck of the White Squall… Mary Wilson was born in Newtownnstewart in 1830….journey from Ireland to Sydney was not without problems….in East Cove in the Bass Strait the ship was driven onto rocks….stranded for seven weeks….brig on its way to Sydney picked up the family….

The Dog and Duck Inn…. Irish convict Ambrose McGuigan…endured one of the most brutal voyages to the new colony on the Britannia….having completed his sentence Ambrose  went into the hotel trade after being appointed a police constable in Sydney…..

The Cunninghams and Morrows of Mulnagore….

The Education of Colonel J G N Gibbes,1787-1873……”The origin of Colonel Gibbes, Collector of Customs at Sydney from 1834 has long been a mystery…..his mother was an actress, Mary Logan……

Is your World War II Australian Ancestor buried in Belgrade?…. at least 1,500 Australians and New Zealanders served in Serbia during the campaign of the First World War…..


Friends of the Family….. identify a group photograph

The Making of Gladys….. “after spending two years in Western Australia, Gladys made her way to South Australia. The exact date is not known but….

A Gothenburg Survivor: Dav d Harris (1847-11885)….. “The SS Gothenburg left Darwin on 16 February 1875, en route to Adelaide with more than 80 passengers and a screw of 36. She struck the southern edge of Detached Reef….and sank.  his diary excerpts make interesting reading.

A Life of Challenges….  “Joanne “Louise” Bradtke was born in Prussia 1823….Louise married Johann “Christian” Mann in 1847…went on to have nine children in 15 years.

An Abandoned Church evokes the Spirit of My Dempsey Ancestors…. “the remains of a solid hotel stand on the corner of the main intersection of what was once Dawson….     Abraham Miller’s Story…..  Abraham Miller was a short man and , as a lad, could easily have been presumed younger than his actual age….

Finding our Huguenot Connections in South Australia……a very interesting read with wonderful photographs…

The Genealogist.  AIGS Winter 2023

Using Digger. Digger is a software that is used to view quite a few of the early Australian indexes including but not restricted to the birth, marriage and death indexes for Victoria from 1836….

Annabelle Rosa Wilson nee Cavell – where is she now?… two graves for Annabelle …one is Tasmania and the other in NSW !!!!!

Charles Francis Avery Weston (1860-1910)    … Charles had wider interests than his business.  He also had a love of fishing as indicated by his obtaining a salmon and tour licence in 1892….

Staff nurse May Semple…. Agnes May Semple was born in 1879      in Victoria, daughter of a doctor…..serving away from the lines or on hospital ships, (she) would have been spared the sight of horrific injuries incurred on the battlefields…

KITH & KIN   Cape Banks F H S   June 2023

Family is changing….So is how we think about Family History…. “The lonely family tree has become a sprawling ecology.    ……with people turning to DNA and the internet to unearth their roots…..

What I wore and when it was worn…. Discussion group; photos to show

Moonlight Saving….  “24th May 1841 AGL turned on the first gas street lamps in Sydney….

A difference of Opinion: The Suffrage Movement…   “Votes for Women”.  “Everytime I vote I am very grateful to the suffragettes who made it possible for me to do so….

Did you know? ….

Only half of a parent’s genes are passed on to each child, and siblings (except identical twins) don’t inherit the exact same half. This means your siblings received some genes you didn’t, and vice versa. You and your siblings share about 50% of your DNA with each other.

Having trouble finding your ancestor because you are unsure of the surname? Try searching for your ancestor without using the surname. Put in other information you know such as the first name, a spouse’s name, or a child’s name. Include any dates and/or locations you may know.

Happy Researching Everyone!   jgs