NSW State Archives Visit

NSW State Archives Visit

Date  Thursday 5th April/Friday 6th April 2018

Society members are organizing a visit to the State Archives in Kingwood on the above dates.

Everyone is welcome to come along.   You can elect to make your own travel arrangements and accommodation and we will all meet up at the Archives.  Some will be car pooling and staying overnight at Nepean Shores Resort.    Cost of a 2 bedroom cabin (1 queen and 2 single beds) is $149/night or a 1 bedroom (queen bed) is $89.

If you are interested in coming along please email Lynn () by 15th March as we will need numbers for the Archives staff.  You will need to obtain a State Archives Reading Ticket (available from their website) and we are allowed to pre-book up to 4 items each for each day of session.

Please let me know if you require accommodation to be booked for you and if you are happy to share.

Lynn Heller, Activities Officer