Snippets January 2017 – From our President

Ancestor.  Genealogy of Victoria….December 2016 (lots of wonderful articles!!!!)

Finding Mary Jane. (2016 GSV Writing Prize)….from a poster in GSV library in1990s a 15 year search evolved. Emma Hegarty’s quest makes a most interesting read.

From Portland to Victoria: a story of quarrymen and their culture…..from the Dorset peninsula, England, and in the early 1830s Portlanders began migrating to Australia and New Zealand. Families such as Comben, Flew, Otter, Stone, Hooke and Hansford still lived in Yarraville at the turn of the century.

Mary Barker Rae; a new life in England…….Charles Vincent Joachim Eyre had two wives….he married the second wife in 1848, Mary (Barker Rae) to take care of the 3 sons from his 1st marriage. Mary then had nine children by Charles, she finally died in 1881….a story to read!!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Family Tree……A story of a family member who returns from war affected by this stress is quite confronting for a family member to read in coroner’s  reports and repatriation files.

The Impact of Tuberculosis on my Father’s Family……treatment in the early 1900s was very limited….there was a general stigma and shame attached to having consumption, patients discharged from intuitions kept it secret…we are very fortunate, one hundred years on, to live in a country where TB has been virtually eliminated…..

Sources to Add Flavour…… “family historians know that only following conventional part of fact-finding via verbal memories and official records produces just a lean picture. One must have a good imagination and be alert to recognize a possible trail to richer material.”

Getting it write…..Copyright –or not……some very interesting facts!!!!


The Ancestral Searcher…Canberra……December 2016.

A Place to call Home….. “Mum and Dad were proud Australians, but that didn’t mean

They were giving up on their English traditions.”

Captain Arthur Holmes….about the Australian Surf Lifesaving Association.

My Convict Ancestor…..Charlotte Foster/Foster. …..Charlotte apparently met David Heazlett on a voyage to Van Deimen’s Land, the result another younger, DavidHeazlett!!!

Captain Percy Hunt, Harry Morant and James McConnell….a photograph, a post card album and a story involving the Boer War.

Our Family History Holiday… opportunity to immerse into various record repositories in England….an interestingly written sojourn.

Uncovering Your Tommies’Stories – despite the dearth of records… person’s coming to understand the processes of Enlistment, assignment and Exemption……quite an interesting story here involving searching Army records.

A Song of Erin…..”Richard Hassett was with the iron gang at Towrang from May 1840 until April 1841.  He was born about 1817, in CountyKerry…..”

A Man for All Seasons……”Harasztifalu is a village of some 150 souls, on the western border of Hungary, near the agricultural centre of Kormend, almost within sight of Austria.”….read about  Ignac Varsanyi.

Forensic Portraiture. ….”Facial recognition technology has improved rapidly in recent years. Now it can help us solve longstanding mysteries and make breakthroughs in our family research, and often at no cost.”  Have a read about McLennan family research.

Wiener Riesenard – Ferris Wheel….a short article about the oldest ferris wheel in world.


Descent..Journal of Australian Genealogist….. December 2016.

Who was Mary Ann Kinnear?….A marriage took place at St. Laurence parish in Sydney in 1845 between John Joseph Mills, a bachelor of Mudgee and Mary Ann Kinnear, spinster of the mentioned parish….information is known about John, but who was Mary???

Margaret Fleming” Irish Rebel to Sydney Schoolteacher…..through research and knowledge of Margaret’s bother John was a parish priest….Margaret led an women’s uprising in Dublin in 1916….help from Trove!!

No Record Found!….BDM indexes still don’t always tell us what we want to know.

“Died at Sea”….ships, The Dunbar, and White Star…


Eagle Eye..Cowra FHG…..December 2016.

Finding the Cheneval Family….” In 1899 Francois Chevenal remarried in Brisbane, Qld…..octave Cheneal c.1902…the author’s recommendation using the website for French research….information is free, and certificates and more detailed information it costs $US45 annually.

When “shirt-sleeves to shirt-sleeves in three generations’ is a good thing….a story of Patrick Sherlock from Trim, County Meath.

Why I became a Family Historian….. by member Jean Brien.

Uncovering History.  The opening of the Blue Mountains with Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth.  A story about Governor Macquarie, Bathurst, and Thomas Green.

Albert Frederick Osborne “Jack” Hood.. A Lithgow boy, at the Battle of Fromelles.

Jerula…..a property in the Cowra area.

William Henry “Billy” Peters….He was amongst the initial eightenn Cowra lads to enlist in the Light Horse joining in August 1914.


The Endeavour.   Botany Bay FHS……December, 2016

Cowpastures and Beyond….Annual Conference and AGM of NSW &ACT  Assoc. of FHS.   A report from a member Sue Hewitt.

Facebook Finds…..the writer explains that there are many Facebook groups devoted to family history and showed us how to apply to join.

Australian National Maritime Museum – Welcome Wall…..recognizing and placing family names on the historic members wall, and the involvement therein.

Mary Ann Craig, from the Gorbals to Vaucluse…. “many times we explain to new members how important it is to get proof, buy certificates or transcriptions, so to cite proof of their research.”….so  Mary Ann Craig/ Mary Ann McMahon?????

Our Great Uncle Dave Ware – Movie Star.  Thank you Trove!!  The film, Heritage,

Peter Burns.   Peter was one of seven children of William Joseph and wife Kathleen nee Maher.  He was a rugby league player…De La Salle Brothers’ school at Cronulla….the establishment of the Sutherland Oval in 1925.  Something for football fans!!!!!!


Kith & Kin….Cape Banks FHS…..December 2016

Catholic Newspapers….The Catholic Press 1897-1942, Catholic Freeman’s Journal 1932-1942.  The amount of information that can be found in these newspapers is quite surprising…..engagements, weddings, obituaries and funeral details….a litst of school pupils with examination results and reports  etc.

Naturalisation and the Civic Status of Women……nationality of women remained linked to that of their husband until the Nationality and Citizenship Act of 1948…….

Elizabeth Wentham… an estate was not worth perusing for 16pounds,oneshilling and threepence!!!!!


History…Royal Aust. Hist. Soc.   …December 2016.

The Australasian Orphanage….little is known of the orphanage of the 1920’s….although one orphan Vartan in 1915 remembers and recounts his memories.b

Community Banking in Rural New South Wales….Braidwood and Bendigo Bank.

My Father’s War ; the Dutch in Australia in WWII.  “The Dutch contribution to the war effort in Australia during WWII is not generally well known. The day after the attack on Pearl Harbour Netherlands declared war on Japan…the Dutch nay in the region was virtually wiped out,….the encounters of The Trom, though badly damaged, is great story.

Incendiarism in Macquarie Street….. ‘had it not been for the vigilance and quick action by a police constable back in 1899, the building, once described as “a first class residence in Macquarie Street” my have gone up in flames.”….convicting Alfred Ware..


Moruya and Dist. Hist. Society…..December 2016.

Moruya Museum News….Community Heritage Grant….restoration of  poster, sock and wedding dress.

Songs they used to Sing.  “Music was always an important part of any celebration and the Moruya Examiner of 29/1/1876 lists all the tunes that were played by the band at the official dinner to commemorate the opening of the first Moruya Bridge in 1876.

Life before Facebook….a page for Little People Pt.2…..articles from Freeman’s Journal 19129. from many of the local children relating to their lives and instances in the community.

Writing in Code…a postcard…..and a brief history of codes.

The Criterion Hotel and it People….quite a detailed story of this old historic site…with owners such as Fitzwilliam, Lynch, Harkus. Barling, Burkinshaw, John Milton, McCauley. James Turnbull, Shirley and Evans….

Royal Australian Historical Society Journal….December 2016.

James Stephen’s Doctrine of a White Australia…in 1928 a work by Stephen was published where “an appeal to theology, philosophy and history to justify reserving the Australian colonies for the English race”…..responses followed……the Colonial Office and other government concerns….ultimately, the Colonial Office policy on immigration to Australia reflected Britain’s economic and social interests….

A Community, a Council and a Flood Risk: the case of Maitland, New South Wales, and some ramifications.  ….a lengthy article involving a lot of bureaucracy and procrastination. There was interest for me, as I was old enough and there in the 1952 & 1955 floods.

The Curious Case of Sammy Cox….the Tasmanian centenarian whose real name was Jarvis… extensive account of Sammy’s life also appears in Henry Button’s Flotsam and Jetsam…..

A Short Note on Long Cove….near or is Darling Harbour, Sydney?…with interesting maps and sketches.

Richard Guise: Englishman or French duke…..The mystery begins in 1789 in England……

Winged Victory and Marrickville’s Memory of Wr; Defining personal and communal loss in Sydney’s Inner West. Marrickville’s involvement in WW! Was no different to any other municipality in Australia…..


Glamorgan Family History Soc.   December 2016.

The King’s Champion, and his Relatives……”becoming Lord of the manor of Scrivelsby, as Sir John did on his marriage, meant also gaining the title of King’s Champion….

George Charles Shepherd….work in the Hong Kong Police Force in 1900s

`All mod cons, or not!……life in Llangeinor…in the 1950s.

Blaengarw Memories….Dennis Merry tells of his time there….


The Cedar Log.     December 2016.

New Year’s Eve at Gueudecourt…..reflection of Alexander ‘Ocker’ John Arrighi

Are you Confused Yet?….finding records of an elusive ancestor…

There is No such Thing as a Free Lunch!…..some useful websites….

Diary of a War….Timeline of important evetns during the WW1


Timespan. Nepean FHS Journal.    December 2016.

Local Fallen Soldiers……Lance/Private Edward Kennedy; Private Harry Adams; Private Reginal Hugh Cheesman; Private John Steen Clare Collum;Private Charles William Ferrow.

Military Exemption Courts….During WW1 Australian serving overseas did so voluntarily……an interesting list from Oct 1916 and Nov. 1916

Unnatural Folk.  The Catholic Church, Cornwell county England, and Richard Tremayne.

The Short Life of James Stopps and Others……James Stoops,  Eliza Tyalor, William Butters, William Bond, William Denniss/Dennis, William Sydney Bond

Pioneers of Mossvale & District…..William Rutter Hindmarsh of Robertson; Edward Carter of Sutton Forest; Capt. J J Walters of Sutton Forest; Charles Lindsay Nicholson and Charles John Nicholson of Suttone Forest;  Patrick Hill Throsby  and Capt. William Wilson Somerset Bridges R N of Throsby Park; Frederick Robertson Wilshire, Ernest Everard Ro and William John Cordeaux of Berrima.


The Genealogist.   December 2016.

A Rather Small Family Skeleton……from four distinct ethnicities…French-Swiss and English mother; Austro-Czech and Irish father… interesting story.

Boots, shoes and seed…the life of Peter Field.   Peter was born in Warcickshire in 1851…to arrive in Queensland…..

Daniel McLaurin…who was he?  A Victorian of some mention!

Dustydocs…(  Dustydocs provides link to websites primarily in the British Isles that contain Parish Records. It concentrates mainly on free records for Baptism, Births, Marriages and Deaths…….

Seafaring Disaster….further episodes in the life of Capt. S Unthank….

Pioneers and Old Colonists…A Roll of Honour……collected from Trove.  This is The Register Adelaide, dates Wednesday 7 December 1910….lots of names to check!!