January Snippets

SNIPPETS  2020 No.1 January

This month’s listings are all late arrivals from 2019


Education in the outback 1950s & 60s “Growing up in the outback – a very different experience – on a cattle property – my schooling consisted of correspondence lessons – singing practice must have been hilarious and frustrating to teachers”

Last Station on the Road – “200 miles from Alice Springs….nearest neighbour 35 miles away – being a governess to two boys.”

Kelly – Great-great-grandparents Commemorated – Timothy and Mary Kelly

Whose Album was it? trying to discover the owner through photographs


Exploring the Past Annual Conference and AGM of the NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies – review from Knox College in October

And then there’s the Carpenter who fell off a Ladder – James Chappell – this is an engaging story involving wives and children…..

Who is Tomas Newbery? an old family Bible with the following dedication:

Thomas Newbery 1840 – Given to John and Lucy Ann Player in remembrance of Rev. Thos Newbery…

TIMESPAN. Nepean FHS   Dec.2019

Penrith District WW Nurses – Mary Rosa Harford/Ada Alice Morehead/Jessie Grace Perkins

Driver Patrick John Flanagan, 13th & 45th Battalion, AIF….a hero of Gladstone

My Female Factory Ancestors – Parramatta Female Factory was established in 1821.

Mary Ann Delahunt arrived aboard the Mariner 1825. Mary Rourke arrived on the Elizabeth in 1828. Honora Cavagh arrived in 1836 on the Roslin Castle.

 Nepean Times – articles from old newspapers

Pioneers of Welington – William Henry Forwood/George Gallimore/Frederick Marsh, PM/John Poole/Dr. Robert Rygate MRCS

Descent. Society of Australian Genealogists.  Dec. 2019

The Violent Death of Thomas Staddon who was born in Nowra, NSW in 1863. He was a general worker employed with company setting pipe lines in Balmain. Thomas was killed while setting explosives – inquest and verdict

But what was Mary’s Secret?   We do not know Mary’s surname

Name Variations?  Try “Mcashin”!  Differences in family spelt surnames…

DNA Research Group – know your tree – know your matches – John Henry Lutge

History. Royal Historical Society Dec.2019

Finding Convicts and Convict Sites: A Job for Professional, Community or Both?

Landscapes of Production and Punishment: Convict Labour and Industry on the Tasman Peninsula 1830-77 – maps, and explanations of examining the sites.

Home Talent: Australia’s Itinerant Filmmakers – attracting audience using “local” film ‘The Adventures of Dot’ filmed in Queensland

The Sawdust Trail – “regional Australia was served by an extraordinary diversity of itinerant shows” – The Circus and Other Travelling Tent Shows in Shoalhaven,1855-1955 – The Lukashima Troup.

Wildest Piece of Humanity – the magazine and story writers, Ethel Turner [using persona ‘Dame Durden’] and Zor Cross – featured in Town and Country

The Genealogist. Dec. 2019

Photographing the Bendigo Pioneers – indexing the 1200 photos in the Bendigo Annals.

Women in a family History – stories of the Symonds, Price, Walker, Hitch and Moody families

The naming of Olinda – “a picturesque village in the Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne….named after Alice Olinda, daughter of Victoria’ then Acting Surveyor General.

On Sarka to Westgarthtown “I was raised in the 1850s bluestone farmhouse at Westgarthtown, an old German settlement now part of today’s northern Melbourne suburbs of Thomastown and Lalor……

Browsing the shelves – Oxfordshire Family Historian/Kent FHS Journal/Australia Progenitor: Genealogical Soc. Of Northern Territory. Inc.

Snips & Snaps, Surprises Galore!

 Traces. Uncovering Australia’s Past.  Edition 9, 2019

Heritage News.

What’s new on line

Hobart’s Tasmanian Club…a grand Georgian-style sandstone building

Recapturing Port Arthur

Australia’s Byzantine trophy of War Pt.2 – a Shelal Mosaic, Egypt

World heritage and the Future

What do you want to be after the War? Exploring the records of the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme.

Music Lessons…within a tower of yellowed receipts on a spike file at Rouse Hill House & Farm are illuminating details of the musical education of sisters Nina and Kathleen Rouse.

Violent times in colonial Yass

Tracing the lives of early Chinese families in colonial Australia.

Writing a non-boring family history

Yes, we have no bananas and other vintage catchphrases

Finding Australia’s missing soldiers

Family secrets crawl from the silence – Elizabeth Blay, born 5/6/1840

Ghost towns of the Central Goldfields.

Beneath the Rust……preserving original agricultural machinery

Happy Reading All