March 2021 Snippets created by John Sparks


Cleveland FHS.   January 2021

Society’s News items

Genealogical research Tips….and a few websites for North Yorkshire

Local Heroes……Colonel Sir Leonard and Sir John Ropner

Was your Ancestor Tax Collector? ….an article dealing with register keepers, and Wapentake[a medieval established division of a county/shire for local government administration…..

Know your Parish…. Appleton Wiske

Member’s Contributions ….  Ann Frances Young 1855-1922 …. Isaac Cook Royal Naval Division 1890-1957…. Keeping Dales Music Alive….Parish Registers – more than just names and dates….We all make assumptions, over time we all make assumptions about our family histories, based on family stories, perceived family occupations, and random connections of our surnames……occasionally it pays to stand back , take a deep breath and re-examine the evidence!

Timespan. Nepean FHS   December 2020                                                                         

Vass – Barford Family Letters from England 1884

Vintage Christmas Recipes……cooks, take a look at these!!! …. from 1553 to1854…quite a few surprises   jgs

The “Springwell” Pastoral Co, Ltd, Cooma…breeding stud merino sheep …. the home of seven bedrooms built 1896-1907…

When Isaac Meets Williams……story of John Williams…tried at the Old Bailey…one of the last convicts to arrive in Port Jackson …. he had a brother Frances Isaac!!

Nepean Times…list of people in the area …. weddings, death notices etc.

Pioneers of Albury District …. Jindera …. Moorwatha……extracts from “The Centennial History of New South Wales 1888.

Descent. Society of Australian Genealogists   Summer 2020                       

Family Traditions…societies, communities and families are forged through traditions …. customs and beliefs, ….enjoy your summer family traditions….

Biography…. Alfred Ernest Thurling, 1868-1941

The Hayes Sisters from Limerick …. the arrival in Sydney of James Daly from Limerick on the Commodore Perry on 1 May 1856 started a quest to unravel the chain migration of the Hayes sisters and their connections.

In Search of Irish Ancestors……a report on the SAG key events last October

Searching for Thomas …. the 40 years of the life of Thomas Milton between his birth and his marriage to Mary Ann Salveson in 1856 were untraceable…….

Kidnapped!   Harriett Anne Hastings and the marriage to George Luly in Newtown in 1882.


The Genealogist.   September 2020                                                                                            

Edward Ing – Missing death …. Details of the early life of Edward ING are not known with any certainty……..first confirmed reference of his appearance at the November 1833 Sessions at Clerkenwell, Middlesex….the initial period of Edward’s sentence was served without any adverse comments and his Ticket of Leave was granted in 1839…..a death certificate was recorded under the name of Edward JUG… amazing story to read !!

Who was Charles Desestre, and was he a participant at Eureka?

Rain, hail or shine, the washing was on the line …. great memories for many of us with illustrations of Velvet Soap, Silver Star Starch, Blue Bag and wooden pegs !!!!

The Weekly Times…. Ancestors in the Grampians….searching the Scherger family

The Alexander Henderson Awards 2019

The Don Grant Ward 2019

Southern Branches, Northern Roots – an Investigative Odyssey …. A history of the Isaacs, Parker, Liddy McCullock and Pratt families by Kris Jacobsen


SIB Folk News Summer/Autumn 2020.                                                              

Fiona ferrets out her three generations of GRIEGS in Kirkwall.

Early Orkney Photographs

Hey, it’s Perfectly Legal for You to Marry your First Cousin!!

Winter Saturdays, we were never bored! …. an illustrated article remembering the past.

The Rise and Fall of John Spence of Birsay …. Captain John Spence (1824-1910)

Nathaniel Cantley x 3 … three generations of gardeners…

The Edinburgh Woman …. Isabella Aitken nee Slater…story with wonderful photographs

The importance of being Viking…

The Cogle Sisters from South Ronaldsay